Become Elon Musk of Europe – Polish Startups Operating in Aerospace Industry

Zaktualizowano: 2 lip 2020

In the year 2012, we were lucky to witness an event that turned out to be a game-changer in terms of the development of the Polish aerospace industry. Namely, Poland has become a member of the European Space Agency. This happening has undoubtedly opened the door to the space market for talented people with numeric, technical or managerial skills. ESA provides Polish business owners with purchase orders which stimulate the growth of this industry. These have already contributed to, among others, landing of a Polish-built device on Mars in year 2018. Another institution that plays a substantial role in the development of this market is the Polish Space Agency. Its main purpose is to deliver support for entrepreneurs willing to focus on research and development. Nowadays we are free to join international cooperation, whose goal is to explore outer space. Entry barriers for new entrants might be high, however behind them there is a market that offers literally endless opportunities that patiently wait to be seized.

How exploring outer space can be beneficial for us?

There are numerous factors that drive the development of space exploration. One of the most obvious is a better understanding of our place in the universe and the history of our solar system. Performing robotic exploration deliver profound answers which are critical in preparing humans to put the first human step on Mars and possibly far beyond. Moreover, asteroids, moons and planets might be sources of valuable goods that the Earth is lacking. Change of the climate is becoming a serious threat, so we must look for alternative methods of producing energy, such as placing solar panels near Sun. Exploring space can bring answers to questions that were not even asked yet. Our planet will not live forever – eventually one day we will have to look for a new home somewhere in the universe.

Contribution of Polish startups in the global aerospace ecosystem

The most promising polish startups have recently taken a part in the Future Space Accelerator program powered by Airbus Poland, SatRevolution, Cleanproject and PwC Poland. Its activity is dedicated to startups developing software and hardware with applications in the space industry. One of the participants was Composi-Tech – their aim is to design materials in which mass reduction, an increase of strength and stiffness are crucial. This technology allows to operate in the space industry, as well as in aviation or railway. Another worthwhile company is Progresja Space. Engineers working in the foregoing company focus on research and development activities related to laser technologies, surface engineering and additive manufacturing in metal. What is important, at the moment work is ongoing on launching a Polish satellite in the aerospace. Exatel representatives claim that within 3 years we will be able to experience it thank to the collaboration of Polish startups in terms of developing innovative technologies and manufacturing essential components. This breakthrough will definitely strengthen the position of Polish entrepreneurs on the worldwide market of aerospace technologies.