The Christmas Business

Zaktualizowano: 11 lis 2021

Christmas is one of the most significant periods of the year. Filled with love, joy and friendship, it is a time, when people get together and spend time with each other. Yet, it is also the time of shopping, house adorning and cash spending. Every year, the amount of money spend by households on Christmas products proliferates. This sum already exceeded PLN 20 billion in Poland and $ 1 trillion in the USA!

The rush of Christmas shopping is an incredible opportunity to earn dozens of money. Let us take a closer look at how individual companies operate to maximize their profits during this magical time.

Christmas trees

Every year more and more families decide to buy a Christmas tree. In the USA, this trend is evident, as the number of trees sold rises up to several million each year! Increasingly, consumers (both Americans and Europeans) decide to buy a real tree instead of an artificial one, and thereby they support the domestic market, instead of a foreign one. That is because China's companies usually produce fake trees and then export them abroad when the real ones are from local tree farms.

The Christmas tree market is continuously developing. New ideas appear almost every year. One of the most interesting ones is to do business by renting trees for the Christmas season. Companies that rent trees reduce their wastage and gain a considerable profit. Most of the bought trees end up in the trash immediately after the end of the holiday season, but rented ones come back to the forest after the end of an agreement. Moreover, both bought and rented trees do not depart in price from each other. The cost diverse only when it comes to the size and type of tree.

Americans usually choose Christmas trees about 2.1 meters high, with an average cost of $ 110, while Europeans choose slightly lower (about 2 meters) at a similar price. Referring to the aforementioned growing demand for Christmas trees, everyone can easily see that it is an extremely lucrative business.

Christmas decorations

Decorations are an inseparable element of every Christmas. Annually, families decorate their homes and apartments with lights, candles, textiles and garlands. Nowadays, more and more people think that the more decorations, the better, which is especially visible in the charts presenting the continually growing demand for Christmas accessories. This indicator works like a red rag to a bull for any trading amateur. Additionally, with the growing demand, the range of ideas for business development is also growing. Recently, a form of business diversification has emerged among companies selling decorations. Well, these companies also offer to adore their client's homes. Moreover, the decoration process itself is often supervised by specially employed decorators who create fabulous structures from ornaments.

However, this is not the end of business innovation. Some companies create... decorative ice sculptures. An example of such a company is Jamal-Ice, which, apart from creating ice sculptures, also produces crushed and dry ice. The creation of sculptures follows a strictly defined schedule. Initially, the company makes a design project of the statue, and discuss the details with the client. Then the company goes to the carving process, which requires the control of specialists and tools. The final product reaches the customer and is placed in the indicated spot. A proper approach to an idea and its practical implementation is undoubtedly the key to success. As an example, everyone with a unique idea can earn a fortune on Christmas decorations.

Christmas food

In the world of consumption and the californization of needs, people eat more and more every single year. The average family in the EU will spend up to € 135 only on Christmas food. The sum is even more significant if we take into consideration only families who bought a special Christmas food catering. This type of amenity is more and more popular among families both in Europa and America. It is much easier to order twelve dishes than prepare them on one's pat. Both businesses and private individuals who deliver food to their customer's door benefit from this relatively new business model. In addition to catering, we can also mention the world-famous Christmas markets. One of the most famous one is held every year in Berlin. Street cooks serve there various food, such as baked apples dipped in honey, sweets from a hundred different types of chocolate, buns dipped in garlic balm with bean stuffing and many other savorous snacks. Every year, Christmas markets bring dozens of euros in revenue and are also becoming more and more popular, especially among Asian tourists.

Christmas Marketing

As mentioned before, Christmas is a precious time for both families and entrepreneurs. Many companies try to come up with unprecedented marketing ideas to maximize their profit. Some time ago, the idea was born to reflect the company logo in the fallen snow to increase the awareness of a given brand. Pre-Christmas snow was an inspiration for the owners of the CURB advertising agency. Young entrepreneurs decided to use white fluff as an advertising medium. The originators agreed that it was more and more challenging to attract the attention of a client bombarded (especially before Christmas) with countless advertising messages. That is how the idea of ​​advertising in the snow was born. One of the first entities interested in the innovative idea was the owners of the Extreme TV channel.

The company quickly created a template, which was reflected over 3500 times on snow-covered cars, windows and many other places. The information about the exciting idea was rapidly picked up by the media, which made the owners of this unusual agency famous. The advent calendar theme is also increasingly popular among many companies. It attracts the attention of both new and old customers, and it is often created on the websites of individual companies, which is more effective than the usage of promotion and marketing tools in real life. It works in the same way as a regular advent calendar hung on the wall, but here, instead of sweets, there are usually discounts on selected products. The calendar may not be an ideal form of marketing. However, the very idea of using items presented in Christmas pop culture to promote the company and increase its sales is exceptionally fruitful.

Other creative business ideas

In addition to the most popular opportunities to earn money during the Christmas period, there are also many market niches that can be filled with the proper distribution of funds. An interesting idea is the creation of balloon arrangements, which, against many of appearances, are quite famous for Christmas. In homes where there are large Christmas parties, balloons are the sine qua non of the uproarious raves.

Coming back to more peaceful waters, it is worth saying that many companies, in contrary to money-making, often try to cultivate the tradition of Christmas inside the company. Gifts for customers and employees of a given company are trendy, thanks to which the company increase the loyalty of both endowed with presents. An idea here is to create different, small gifts for interested companies. Appropriate time management and the ability to work from home are the main features of this type of small business. So there's no time to waste, let's start working!

To sum up, there is still plenty of space to be filled with astonishing ideas of a new business. The Christmas market is hugely profitable, and it will probably develop in the upcoming years. It looks like there are many opportunities to earn some extra cash during this majestic time, the only thing is to devise an accurate idea. We keep our fingers crossed for the future Christmas businesses!